Couple create brilliant inception photos by posing together each Valentine’s Day

Okay, we need to steal this idea.

Jessi Henness and her husband Alexander have shared the results of a super cute Valentine’s Day tradition they’ve done for years.

Each Valentine’s Day, Jessi, 23, and Alexander, 24, pose for a photo in front of a hedge.

Then the following Valentine’s Day, they hold last year’s photo. The end result is a glorious Russian doll style picture of the couple holding their past in their hands.

The couple have been doing this since the first V Day they spent together back in 2015, at the age of 18.

The tradition started when Alexander’s mum insisted on snapping a picture of them as they got dressed up and went out for dinner on February 14th in 2015.

Despite hating the photo due to their ‘messy’ hairstyles, Jessi framed it, gave it to her partner the following year and suggested they take another to replace it.

Now they love the tradition – so much so that their parents compete to be the ones taking each year’s photo.

Jessi, from Bonney Lake, Washington, US, said: ‘It’s really weird looking at each previous photo. A year doesn’t feel very long but our relationship grows every year and we grow up together.

‘Looking back at even last year I think, “wow, those kids have no idea what’s going to happen”.

‘It makes me excited every year to take a new one because we’ll look back at this one and be even further along in our journey.

‘It started on our very first Valentine’s Day together, we were young so we didn’t really go on dates as we didn’t have much money.

‘We had both previously hated Valentine’s Day because we were cynical and annoying back then but we planned a date and got all dressed up, which we never did, and his mom insisted on taking a picture.

‘My hair was poorly grown out and his was super long and it was just such a bad picture. We didn’t post it anywhere – no one saw that photo – but all I got for him the next year was that photo in a frame.

‘I said “we should take a new photo because our hair is better and our lives are a bit more together” – that’s where it started.

‘The year after that, he got me that photo again and we decided we should do this every year, we get outfits for the photo and make sure we’re planning it right.’

Jessi and Alexander decided to splash out on a professional shoot this year to formally mark their first Valentine’s Day together as a married couple.

Jessi said: ‘We wanted to [get] the professional photographer this year as it would be our first really good one, and make a point that we’re getting old.

‘You can’t really see the original photo now, which was the goal because it’s such a bad photo – I’m happy to see it going away.

‘In our first photo we’d only been going out for seven months, it wasn’t long at all.

‘I’m glad we started it on our first Valentine’s Day and kept it going. I don’t think it would feel as authentic if it had started a year later or something.’

When Jessi shared the photos online she was stunned when more than 250 people praised them for their tradition, calling it ‘cute, pure and precious’.

In addition to taking their yearly photo, the couple also make sure to go out for dinner every Valentine’s Day, too.

They’re still madly in love and as cute together as they were at 18 – just with better hair.

‘I think it’s great that people have enjoyed the idea online – I love shouting from the rooftops about my husband because he keeps me together,’ says Jessi.

‘Being able to share with our friends, family and even strangers how much I love this man makes me so happy.

‘Seeing everybody react so positively and tag their significant others and say they should start doing this, I think it’s great because it will be a way for them to look back.

‘We talk about the future all the time, if we’re lucky enough to make it to old age I just picture my husband’s grandparents or us as old and bald.

‘Alexander has grandparents who have been together since they were 17 – so they set a high bar.

‘We joke that if we get divorced we’ll post bitter versions of the pictures just to be funny.’