Man proposes on loo roll to take the mick out of girlfriend who never cleans

Is there anything worse than sitting down on the loo only to discover the person before you has neglected to replace the toilet roll?

Perhaps being proposed to by the medium of toilet roll, as this person found out.

In a Facebook group called That’s It, I’m Proposal Shaming, somebody posted the toilet-roll marriage proposal, and it has not gone down well.

With the caption ‘Say what?!’, the posted picture shows a used-up roll with the words: ‘Will you marry me? Don’t worry you’ll never see this because you never change the roll.’

The post, which has now been reacted to around 400 times saw comments flowing in, with some talking about the lack of romance and others bemoaning the passive-aggressive comment.

‘A passive-aggressive proposal on a toilet roll. Goals.’ said one person

Another chimed in, ‘He proposed and insulted lmao’ while another said, ‘Shitty proposal while being passive-aggressive. I can tell this guy’s a keeper…’

It’s not that surprising that people don’t see a sharpie note on a toilet roll as the biggest symbol of love imaginable.

But some others had a problem with the logic employed in the whole thing, claiming that surely it doesn’t make sense to finish the roll first and not change it to make the point that she doesn’t do this enough.

It was all cleared up by a commenter, however. She said: ‘Guys: He most likely wrote it on the cardboard tube (after using the last bit of tp or purposefully taking off the rest of the tp just to do this) and then put the empty cardboard tube back on the toilet paper holder and had the text turned towards the back so she wouldn’t see it unless she grabbed the empty tube to replace it with a fresh roll.’

Phew, glad we cleared that one up.