Formerly obese Labrador doesn’t look too happy with his weight loss

Hilarious photos of Miller, a formerly obese Labrador, provide a healthy reminder to us all: losing weight won’t automatically make you happier.

Miller previously weighed a massive 107lb thanks to overfeeding and being sneaked human snacks.

Thanks to a healthy diet and longer walks, the three-year-old pooch has lost 25lb over the last nine months, dropping down to a far healthier 82lb.

But in the before and after photos, Miller doesn’t look too pleased with his transformation.

His owner, however, swears the dog couldn’t be happier.

Jackie, a photographer, said: ‘Miller was a happy dog at his large and in charge size.

‘And we all love our treats, so it’s understandable he looks a bit sad.

‘He may not look it, but he is a happier boy now.

‘The main thing they mention is how it is harder on his joints to carry around that extra weight and can hurt him later in life.

‘Plus, it’s a lot nicer when he decides to jump on me and not knock me over.’

Miller had piled on the pounds due to a penchant for eating food off the floor and begging for treats – he especially loved peanut butter.

After a second surgery (the first happened after he ate a sock) to remove a beer koozie Miller had eaten, owner Jackie was told the dog would need to lose weight to reduce stress on his stitches and allow for recovery.

Jackie cut down Miller’s meals and doubled the lengths of his walks, throwing in some games of fetch to up his activity levels.

The dedication paid off, as Miller reached a healthy weight. Despite his new moody expression, he is in much better shape and has more energy.

‘After the surgery we became very determined to get him healthy,’ said Jackie, from Illinois.

‘We switched his food to a light version and cut the quantity he had across the day in half.

‘We also swapped his snacks to carrots and now he has learned to love them as a treat.

‘The difference was really in how fast he moved along with us and how he didn’t just plop down and go to sleep after once he got more fit.

‘Now he is a much more content dog and will chase after a ball all day long.

‘After 10 months I looked at him and noticed how great and skinny he looked.

‘He gets lots of compliments about how handsome he is now.’