Litter pickers find terrifying bag of knives hidden under a bush

Residents out taking part in a community litter pick found these two huge Rambo knives hidden under a bush.

Sheffield Councillor Alison Teal received a call from a group of volunteers in Nether Edge who spotted the blades wrapped up inside a plastic bag.

She told The Star: ‘These were more than kitchen knives, they were frightening. It’s really shocking and an example of what knives are used on the streets.

‘When you feel the weight of them you can imagine the damage they could cause. It’s sad that people feel they have to resort to carrying something like this. I’m relieved they were found and are with the police.’

The volunteers reportedly called 101 first but were left ‘waiting ages’, thinking ‘the police didn’t seem concerned’, she added.

Cllr Teal ended up delivering the knives to Woodseats Police Station herself, and remarked that the non-emergency line ‘should ask a few more questions or have a checklist for calls like this’.

South Yorkshire Police advise that anyone who finds a knife should leave it in place and remain with it if possible. If not, and it can be safely removed, you should use gloves and store it in a safe place.

If there’s a possibility it’s connected to crime, the force says you shouldn’t touch it, call 101 and wait until the police arrive. They also recommend trying to cover them in adverse weather conditions.