Clubber, 23, left covered in blood with smashed front teeth after bottle attack

A young woman suffered a broken jaw and had her front teeth smashed in after a drunken yob hurled a wine bottle that hit her in the face.

Cheyenne Mottishaw, 23, had been oblivious to the melee as she stood queuing with friends outside the Honeycomb nightclub in Sheffield on April 21 last year.

Shocking CCTV footage shows the moment a man runs up towards the entrance shortly after being ushered out and throws the bottle as hard as he can.

It flew past a group of other men he begins swinging punches at, and struck Cheyenne’s face, fracturing her jaw, slicing her lip open and shattering her front teeth.

She was knocked unconscious by the impact and later needed significant facial and dental surgery.

Cheyenne recalled: ‘All I can remember is getting out of the taxi and waking up in hospital. I was on the floor and not responding. My friends told me they thought I was dead.’

She described how the attack left her too scared to go out at night and how she had to eat using a syringe after surgery.

‘The pain was awful,’ she continued. ‘I couldn’t shut my mouth and didn’t eat for days.

‘The nerves in my teeth were hanging out so I had to wear a splint for six weeks to protect my mouth from infection.’

Police are still hunting the man who threw the bottle and released the CCTV in the hope witnesses will be able to identify him.

A spokesman said: ‘People just seem to think they can throw bottles and there not to be any consequences, but it could kill somebody. And it seems to be happening more in Sheffield at the moment.

‘I would also like nightclubs to stop selling glass bottles and using glass cups so this kind of thing stops happening.’