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Teens shout ‘coronavirus at Asian man before breaking his nose and robbing him’

An East Asian man claims he was racially abused by two teenagers who attacked and robbed him in south-west London. The suspects reportedly shouted ‘coronavirus’ at Pawat Silawattakun, 24, before breaking his nose on Fulham Road, in what is thought to be the first hate crime linked to the infection reported to UK authorities. There […]

Kawhi Leonard shines. When he wants to

Kawhi Leonard spoke so softly during his on-court post-game interview, he was barely audible inside the arena. The crowd murmured, displeased not to hear the MVP of a thrilling All-Star game. Someone yelled for Leonard to speak up. Leonard just lets his game do the talking. Especially on the biggest stages. “I always just want […]

Spending guilt could be harming our minds and our pockets

Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves is an idiom you’ve probably heard a million times. It’s true that £3 coffees and £2 lottery tickets add up, and although the trope that we could all own homes if we cut out these things is tired beyond belief, we could all use […]

Tesla: German court halts work on new ‘Gigafactory’

Tesla has been ordered to temporarily halt preparations for a car factory in Germany after environmentalists won a court injunction on Sunday. The electric carmaker had been clearing forest land near the capital, Berlin, ahead of building its first European car and battery plant. The court emphasised the injunction was temporary and subject to further […]

Amazon scores a temporary block on Microsoft’s JEDI contract

Amazon thinks President Donald Trump was uniquely responsible for rigging the evaluation process that ruled it out of a multi-billion dollar cloud contract with the Pentagon, just as it was well-positioned to win. The tech giant has managed to block the federal government’s decision to hire Microsoft, pending a close review that is unlikely to […]

Girl, 14, dies from brain cancer weeks after friend raised £230,000

A 14-year-old girl has tragically died from a brain tumour only weeks after her friend raised enough money for her to get potentially life-saving treatment. Lily Wythe died on Saturday at Addenbrooke’s paediatric intensive care unit in Cambridge after being diagnosed with cancer in October. Her death came just a few weeks after her best […]