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Signs your dog is jealous of your partner

You love your dog. You love your significant other. But what if they don’t get on? Introducing a new person to your home can set off all kinds of alarm bells for your dog. Like us, dogs can be a bit anxious about change, and the sudden attention you’re paying to another human, rather than […]

Young people share what it’s like to be made redundant

The dialogue surrounding work for young people is often centered around job hunting, interviews and promotions. So what happens if you’re made redundant when your career is just starting out? Or if you’re a few years into working life, when you think your role is pretty stable? Redundancy is a big life change that affects […]

Formerly obese Labrador doesn’t look too happy with his weight loss

Hilarious photos of Miller, a formerly obese Labrador, provide a healthy reminder to us all: losing weight won’t automatically make you happier. Miller previously weighed a massive 107lb thanks to overfeeding and being sneaked human snacks. Thanks to a healthy diet and longer walks, the three-year-old pooch has lost 25lb over the last nine months, […]

Man proposes on loo roll to take the mick out of girlfriend who never cleans

Is there anything worse than sitting down on the loo only to discover the person before you has neglected to replace the toilet roll? Perhaps being proposed to by the medium of toilet roll, as this person found out. In a Facebook group called That’s It, I’m Proposal Shaming, somebody posted the toilet-roll marriage proposal, […]

Hungry for vegan love? It might be time to give try this plant-based dating app

If you spent yesterday wishing that you had a plant-based god or goddess with whom to split a Purezza pizza, we may have just the app for you. Grazer is a dating app aimed at introducing vegan and vegetarian singletons. Founded by Lewis Foster, it was re-launched last month after receiving funding from the Cowspiracy […]

Couple create brilliant inception photos by posing together each Valentine’s Day

Okay, we need to steal this idea. Jessi Henness and her husband Alexander have shared the results of a super cute Valentine’s Day tradition they’ve done for years. Each Valentine’s Day, Jessi, 23, and Alexander, 24, pose for a photo in front of a hedge. Then the following Valentine’s Day, they hold last year’s photo. […]

Spending guilt could be harming our minds and our pockets

Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves is an idiom you’ve probably heard a million times. It’s true that £3 coffees and £2 lottery tickets add up, and although the trope that we could all own homes if we cut out these things is tired beyond belief, we could all use […]