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Ousted WeWork founder Adam Neumann lists his Manhattan penthouse for $37.5 million

The last chapter of the WeWork saga closed with our hero — its founder, Adam Neumann — being ousted from his company (with a payout of $1.7 billion) and loosed upon the world. Its next chapter opened with a question: is the business sustainable? The answer is still unclear. Employees across WeWork are organizing in […]

Netflix released the first trailer for Stranger Things 4 with a paradoxical spoiler

As a Valentine’s Day gift, Netflix posted its first teaser for the fourth season of its hit series Stranger Things on Friday. The trailer has a spoiler that confirms speculation, which has circulated around the water cooler since the Season 3 finale. Final warning: In case you somehow missed it in the headline and the […]

World’s first vertical format blockbuster begins shooting next week

There has been plenty of experimentation in the film industry in recent years. Hardcore Henry, for example, was shot entirely from a first-person point of view. 1917 is made to look like two continuous shots. And soon, there will be a blockbuster-level film shot in the vertical format. Deadline reports that prolific Russian producer and […]

Apple warns revenue will be lower than expected because of coronavirus impact

In a rare investor update on Monday, Apple said the global effects of the coronavirus outbreak are having have a material impact on the company bottom line. The company does not expect to meet its own revenue guidance for the second quarter due to the impact of the virus, and warns that “worldwide iPhone supply […]

Tesla restores autopilot features it remotely disabled in second-hand car

Never underestimate the power of bad publicity. After Tesla removed driver assistance features from a second-hand Model S 75D following its purchase from a dealer, the company has restored the Enhanced Autopilot and Full Self Driving, blaming the incident on a “miscommunication.” Last week brought news of an anonymous consumer who bought a 2017 Tesla […]

Steam’s latest experimental feature helps you choose what game to play next

We’ve all been there: you’re staring at your Steam library (perhaps hundreds of games strong) and you simply cannot decide what to play. Perhaps there are even dozens of games you never got around to installing in the first place. If you have run into that situation in the past, Valve’s latest Steam Labs experiment […]

Amazon scores a temporary block on Microsoft’s JEDI contract

Amazon thinks President Donald Trump was uniquely responsible for rigging the evaluation process that ruled it out of a multi-billion dollar cloud contract with the Pentagon, just as it was well-positioned to win. The tech giant has managed to block the federal government’s decision to hire Microsoft, pending a close review that is unlikely to […]